Spinal Manipulation in Shiloh, IL

Spinal manipulation is a popular chiropractic treatment that alleviates several types of pains and aches, including back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Spinal manipulation is also useful in the treatment of sinus pain and menstrual pain. If you’re struggling with any of the disorders mentioned above, we welcome you to Shiloh Chiropractic, a leading chiropractor in Shiloh, IL. Our chiropractor has years of experience in helping patients overcome debilitating pain, and go on to live their best lives.

Spinal manipulation is also known as manual therapy or spinal manipulative therapy. Whichever way you’d prefer to call it, we promise you that it will be the best thing you try this year. Pain-relieving medication can only do so much. Spinal manipulation gets to the root cause of the pain, allowing us to rid you of pain altogether.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

Before treatment begins, one of our doctors will determine the cause of your complaint and determine treatment.  Most of our patients have treatments that include Spinal Manipulation (adjustment). At each session, your doctor will first evaluate your progress and determine which techniques to use and which areas to adjust.  The adjustment is very quick and is generally comfortable.  Sometimes you may hear a pop — a sound made from gasses shifting in the joint space.  This is normal and for many, it is very gratifying.  However, if you wish not to hear a popping noise, make sure to tell your doctor.  If you are near Shiloh, IL and wish to reach your optimum health potential, request an appointment today.  You are sure to leave our office with a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

Why Spinal Manipulation?

Most patients seek care to relieve knots, aches, pain, and discomfort.  But the really great thing is that with each adjustment, your doctor reduces nerve interference.  With that, there are three distinct advantages: (1) your body will begin to heal with 100% capacity as it is designed; (2) your body will better prevent injuries, illness, and pain; (3) and lastly, you will have a boost to your performance by reducing excessive wear and tear so you will enjoy better mobility your whole life.

How to Prevent Common Aches and Pains

Spinal manipulation is a tried and tested way of dealing with aches and pains. For best results, spinal manipulation must be coupled with conscientious effort to avoid harmful habits that may be detrimental to your well-being.

Our chiropractor in Shiloh, IL, advises patients to observe the following tips to prevent everyday aches and pains:

  • Exercise daily. Thirty minutes of exercise every day will do you a world of good and help you to avoid common discomforts such as backaches, headaches, and joint inflammation. You don’t have to sign up for expensive gym memberships—walking and jogging count as exercise.
  • Maintain proper upright posture when sitting, walking, and standing.
  • If you must lift heavy objects, use proper lifting methods.
  • Consider losing some weight if you’re obese or overweight. Excess weight can be strenuous on your back muscles.

Are you in need of spinal manipulation near you? Visit Shiloh Chiropractic today for a highly therapeutic and rejuvenating session of spinal manipulation courtesy of our seasoned chiropractor in Shiloh, IL.

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