Personal Injury Treatment in Shiloh, IL

Whether you’re an athlete or a worker in a job that requires heavy lifting, a personal injury can happen anytime. Falls and car crashes are just two of the ways you may sustain personal injuries.

When personal injuries do occur, they can cause short or long-term pain and discomfort. Seeking the help of our chiropractors in Shiloh, IL can help you recover from injuries, and go on to live a pain-free and productive life.

Chiropractic care addresses the root cause of your pain, thus allowing you to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Car Accident Care at No Cost to You

Our offices have a lot of advanced experience in working with patients who have suffered from motor vehicle accidents.  The last thing a person wants to think about after being in an accident is paying to get well.  Our office will evaluate your condition for you and will help you to determine the best way to bill your care.  Generally, when you are in an accident, you will not have to pay for your care.  In most cases, even people who were at fault for an accident can receive care at no cost to them.  We also will work with attorneys who may be handling your case.  Our goal is to help you on your journey to recovery and to help you reach your maximum medical improvement.  If you have been in an accident and want to determine if we can help you, we welcome you to our office for a thorough consultation and exam.

Common Injuries Treated at Shiloh Chiropractic

Here at Shiloh Chiropractic, we attend to patients suffering from different types of injuries, including:

  • Auto Accident Injuries—injuries sustained during an automobile accident.  These are the most common types of personal injuries treated.
  • Workers Compensation Injuries—for those injured during the scope of their employment.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries—This is often the result of slip and fall while in a business.

If you live in Shiloh, IL, and are looking for a chiropractor near you who genuinely cares, visit Shiloh Chiropractor today.

What to Expect During Your Appointment?

During your appointment, our chiropractor will want to learn the backstory of your injuries, so make sure you answer all questions honestly. If you’ve previously received treatment for your injuries from a hospital, bring along the necessary documentation. This information is essential in helping our chiropractor come up with a personalized and effective treatment plan.  We do everything to ensure the process is quick and easy for you.

Our chiropractors will, after that, conduct or order any necessary tests to determine the extent and cause of discomfort and pain that you’re experiencing. You may be asked to stretch or lift an item so the chiropractor can gauge your range of motion. Our chiropractors will closely monitor you as you carry out specific activities and tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

Finally, the chiropractor will begin the treatment plan. The type of treatment depends on the kind of pain or discomfort at hand. Some standard chiropractic treatments include spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and cervical spine manipulation.

If you’d like help recovering from any personal injury in Shiloh, IL, give Shiloh Chiropractic a call.

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