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Welcome to our Education Library

Here you will find resources for your health care needs. These files are intended for patients and potential patients of Shiloh Chiropractic but are great resources for everyone including health care professionals. Please do not copy and/or distribute any of the contents on any part of our website including this section. If you would like a copy, please call our office to request permission.

bursitis (pdf format)  (the inflammation of the bursa, a tissue that is between tendons/muscles and bones).
acupuncture (pdf format)
adhd (pdf format)
(attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder)
antibiotic resistance (pdf format)

arthritis (pdf format)

asthma (pdf format)

athletic shoes (pdf format)

baby joggers (pdf format)

back pain (pdf format)

back pain exercise (pdf format)

back pain prevention (pdf format)

backpacks (pdf format)

bicycle (pdf format)

carpal tunnel (pdf format)

child car seats (pdf format)

chiropractic safety (pdf format)

choosing mattress pillow (pdf format)
(what to consider when buying a mattress and/or pillow)
chronic pain and depression (pdf format)

cluster headaches (pdf format)

colds and flu (pdf format)

computer ergonomics (pdf format)

computer ergonomics children (pdf format)

diabetes mellitus (pdf format)

disc problems (pdf format)

ear infection (pdf format)

ear problems (pdf format)

exercise seniors (pdf format)

fall prevention (pdf format)

fashion (pdf format)

fibromyalgia (pdf format)

fibromyalgia 2 (pdf format)

first visit (pdf format)

food alergies (pdf format)

gardening (pdf format)

golf (pdf format)

headaches chiropractic (pdf format)

healthy aging (pdf format)

healthy spine (pdf format)

herniated disc (pdf format)

holiday survival (pdf format)

housework (pdf format)

hrt (pdf format)
(Hormone Replacement Therapy)
insomnia (pdf format)

joint injuries (pdf format)

kids and sports (pdf format)

leaf raking (pdf format)

low back pain (pdf format)

medicare (pdf format)

migraine headaches (pdf format)

neck pain (pdf format)

neck pain 2 (pdf format)

nsaids (pdf format)
(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
nutrition (pdf format)

organ donation (pdf format)

osteoarthritis (pdf format)

osteoarthritis 2 (pdf format)

osteoporosis (pdf format)

osteoporosis 2 (pdf format)

posture (pdf format)
pregnancy (pdf format)

pregnancy 2 (pdf format)

pregnancy nutrition (pdf format)

quit smoking (pdf format)

sacroiliac joint dysfunction (pdf format)

sciatica (pdf format)

sciatica 2 (pdf format)

scoliosis (pdf format)

scoliosis 2 (pdf format)

skin cancer (pdf format)

soccer (pdf format)

stability balls (pdf format)

stenosis (pdf format)

steroids (pdf format)

stress (pdf format)

stress 2 (pdf format)

stress relief (pdf format)

stroke (pdf format)

suppliment (pdf format)

suppressed immune (pdf format)

tell doctor (pdf format)

tennis (pdf format)

tension headaches (pdf format)

tension headaches 2 (pdf format)

thoracic outlet syndrome (pdf format)

tmj (pdf format)
  (temporomandibular joint; jaw)
tmj 2 (pdf format)

torticollis (pdf format)
(regarding stiffness in neck)
travel (pdf format)

truck-driver ergonomics (pdf format)
walking (pdf format)

water (pdf format)

whiplash (pdf format)

whiplash 2 (pdf format)

winter activities (pdf format)

workplace ergonomics (pdf format)
x rays (pdf format)

yard work (pdf format)

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