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- Our Office Discount
Chiropractic Office
Accepts Insurance Yes No
Prime Availability Yes Yes
Accepts Appointments Yes No
Walk-ins Accepted Yes Yes
Convenient Location Yes Yes
Offers Physiotherapy Yes No
No-Cost Auto Injury* Yes No
Affordable Options for those without Insurance Yes Yes
Long-Term Experienced Doctors Yes No
Individually-tailored Treatment Plans Yes No
Kids' Play Room Yes No
Massage Appointments Yes No
Medical Referral Network Yes No
X-Rays Available Onsite Yes No
X-Rays Included in New Patient Cost Yes No
Electronic Appointment Requests Yes ?
Multi-Visit Discounts No Yes
Chiropractic Adjustments Yes Yes
Neurologic Exam Standard Yes No
Re-Examination Yes No
Time of Service Discount Yes No
Spinal Traction Yes No
Stretching Offered Yes No
Philanthropic Community Donations** Yes No

* If you were not at fault for the accident, you shouldn't owe anything to us unless neither party has insurance.  If you were at fault, you shouldn't owe anything unless you don't have "medical payments;" most people have this coverage under their auto insurance in Illinois.  We will evaluate your individual case to determine if there is a party who will pay your auto accident medical bills.

** Our office donates 100% of the first-day service fees to the Make-A-Wish® Illinois Chapter.  In 2013, we donated around $20,000 to Make-A-Wish and in 2014, we donated around $18,000.  When you schedule your new patient visit with us, you should feel great that you are helping this awesome cause.


Accept Insurance: Our office accepts most insurance.  We will gladly evaluate your insurance to find out what they cover.  After all, this is a benefit you've earned!

Prime Availability: We know that everyone has a million things going on.  That is why our office has early morning, lunch and evening appointments.  We're constantly expanding our hours to accommodate our diverse patient schedule.

Accepts Appointments: Some offices work on a "walk-in" only basis.  This cuts down on scheduling and staffing costs.  The problem is that oftentimes everyone will walk-in at the same time.  This may cause excessive waits.  Our office maintains a schedule to respect yours!

Walk-ins Accepted: Our office also accepts walk-ins.  We understand that sometimes things come up that you can't schedule.  Our office will gladly work you in to our schedule.

Convenient Location: We're located conveniently in a medical center right off Frank Scott Parkway (aka Thouvenot Lane).  No busy shopping-center traffic and parking messes for you. 

Offers Physiotherapy:  Chiropractic is the number one treatment option in our office, however, people often need physical therapies and modalities from time to time.  Our chiropractic physicians are board certified in physiotherapy and have passed rigorous coursework to bring you the very best that physical medicine has to offer.

Affordable Options for Those Without Insurance:  Many people have no insurance or may have insurance with unreasonable restrictions.  This can be burdensome to those on a budget.  Our office offers a very great discount to those who choose to pay at the time of service.  We will be happy to discuss this with you!

Long-term Experienced Doctors:  This might be the best feature of our office!  In "box/discount chiropractic offices," turnover is very high and doctors are often right out of doctorate school.  Our office is very choosy with regards to physician staff.  Fewer than ten percent of recent chiropractic physician graduates meet our high standards.

Individually-tailored Treatment Plans:  Our office will do a full health analysis to determine the cause of your suffering.  We will then recommend a treatment plan tailored to you specifically to remove those problems.  We will not recommend one visit more than we think you need.  This is a standard of care that we meet and exceed.

Massage Appointments: We have massage in house!  The great thing is that if your massage is medically necessary, they may be covered by your insurance company if done in a medical/chiropractic office.

Kids' Play Room:  You can feel at ease bringing your kids in to our office for treatment and/or bring them with you while you have your treatment done.  We have lots of activities, movies and toys for them to play with.

Medical Referral Network:  If you stop in to our office and we can't help you or if you have a medical issue that needs to be co-managed, we will be happy to refer.  Also, multiple medical providers refer to our office because of our outstanding results and our professional atmosphere.

X-Rays Available Onsite: Often, x-rays are required to find out what the problem is.  If x-rays are indicated, no need to visit an imaging center or hospital!  We have state-of-the-art digital x-rays that meet and exceed standards in the industry. 

X-Rays Included in New Patient Cost: Our exam includes x-rays.  We will not charge you for x-rays.  If your x-rays need to be read by an outside company, we will let you know.  In this case, you may have a cost ($25) for this.  This is fewer than 10% of the cases and you'll have the option to refuse.

Electronic Appointment Requests: You can schedule in office, over the phone and through our website.  You'll also receive electronic reminders of your choosing (Email and/or text).

Multi-Visit Discounts: Our office only recommends the number of visits necessary.  We do not offer a multi-visit discount because this violates the standards of care.  We feel that everyone should pay the same low cost, regardless of their ability to come in multiple visits.

Chiropractic Adjustments: Well, there's nothing in the world like Chiropractic!  We're the second largest primary health care profession (behind MD's).  And over 95% of chiropractic patients report satisfaction with care.  We're proud to offer this fantastic service and we're proud to be in the community with such great chiropractic providers! 

Neurologic Exam Standard: It is a standard in our office to perform a brief and focused neurologic exam when necessary.  This generally consists of electromyography and thermography to evaluate the health status of the nerves and surrounding tissues.  Sometimes, we will do further testing when necessary to determine the cause of the ailment.  This may include orthopedic examinations, sensory evaluations, muscle testing, etc.

Re-examination: It is important to consistently re-evaluate patients to ensure they are getting better as expected.  This holds the doctors and staff accountable to your care.  Re-examinations (aka "progress exams") are a standard of care in the Chiropractic Profession.

Time of Service Discount: Our office is happy to offer a time-of-service discount in the event that the patient doesn't require us to bill them or a third party (such as an insurance company).  This is especially useful for patients who have no insurance or whose insurance offers deficient chiropractic coverage. 

Spinal Traction: Many of our patients jokingly state that they come in just for this!  Spinal traction is relaxing, effective and therapeutic.  This will assist in the adjustment, help the effects of the adjustment last longer and will also help to improve spinal range of motion.

Stretching Offered:  If you require stretching as recommended by one of our chiropractic physicians, we offer that service in-house.  You won't have to go to a separate location.

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