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Becoming a New Patient

Our office is currently accepting new patients.  This page is designed to help you through the transition of becoming a new patient.

Brief Paperwork
Before becoming a new patient, there is some brief paperwork to fill out.  This helps us determine what is going on and gives us a good idea about your personal and family health histories.  You can download the paperwork before coming into the office to speed up your first visit.

When a new patient comes to see us, they have some general questions and concerns.  The consultation is geared toward helping the doctor understand what the patient is experiencing; an important step in the new patient process.

Next, to determine what you're suffering from, we will perform some tests which may include x-rays, computer scans and more.

Report of Findings
This is the point where we sit down and discuss your findings.  You will learn what is wrong, if it can be fixed and how, how long it will take to fix, what your prognosis is and what cost will be associated.  Your Report of Findings will be offered as soon as possible, typically the next day.

If treatment is recommended, treatment will begin.  Treatment is generally offered after the Report of Findings.

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