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A Miracle Year of Wellness...

What’s better than a single miracle? How about a full year of them!

Shiloh Chiropractic
is proud to announce their participation in their second annual "Miracle Year of Wellness" - a program that makes it affordable and easy to begin Chiropractic care and raise money for good causes at the same time.  Our office is one of many Chiropractic Offices nationwide who have partnered up with philanthropic organizations.  In 2010, we partnered up with The BackStoppers, The Violence Prevention Center, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Humane Center.

In 2011, we will offer the public a $20 New Patient Special.  For a donation of $20, patients will receive:
- History
- Consultation
- Advanced Exam
- Report of Findings
- Normally $130

That $20 will go toward the organization we're raising money for at that time.  For more information, call our office.  We appreciate your referrals!

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2011 Year Deductibles

It's amazing, but 2010 has come and gone and it seems to have done so in record time.  In consideration of the new year, we should look into updating our patient's insurance benefits.  Most people's insurance companies reset their deductibles and renegotiate rates at the beginning of the year.  We recommend checking to see what changes apply to you.  Of course, all of our patients are welcome to request our help in this matter!  We check all insurance benefits for free*.

Also, most patients like to get their deductibles out of the way early on in the year so that they can enjoy their health care at lower costs.  Getting your deductibles out of the way early on in the year ensures that you get the most out of your insurance benefits.  By the way, many insurances cover Chiropractic, Massage and Physical Therapy - so call us to see what your benefits are!

Make sure to schedule your appointments including check-ups.  Please stop by the office if you have any questions!  We accept most insurances!


Suzanne Murley
Office Manager

* Though coordination of benefits is the responsibility of the patient, we do check benefits and eligibility in our office at no cost.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of what the insurance company tells us.  From time to time, we are misquoted and this is unavoidable.  The best way to avoid misinterpreted benefits is for both you and our office to check and make sure we get the same information!

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New in 2011

We have made some changes to better accommodate our growing office and our awesome patients!  Those changes are outlined below.

1. Miracle Year of Wellness.  We are bound and determined to make 2011 a healthier year than those of the past.  In doing so, we are going to ask your help in bringing new patients into our office.  But it wouldn't be fair to ask your help without making it easier to refer so we have done just that!

The new normal fee for New Patient Visits is $20 (normally $130-250).  Further - that money is going to be donated to a Charity (we will be working with many Charities throughout the year).  Our website will have more information to come soon so check back in a few weeks for more information. (more...)

2. Referral Benefits:  For each new patient you schedule in our office, we are offering your - our referral source - a no cost 30-minute Detox OR an hour massage for just $25!  If, for some reason, you can't have a detox (contraindication), we are allowing you to gift that to someone else who is able to have it! 

3. Ideal Protein Diet: Want to lose 3-7 lbs per week the safe and easy way?  With this innovative diet that targets the real causes of weight gain (peaking insulin levels), we are able to achieve results even where other diets have failed.  And the best is that it targets the weight gained around the gut, butt and thighs.  Call our office to schedule a consultation and see when our next educational seminar for the diet is. 

4. New Hours:  To better suit the needs of our patients, we have improved our hours to include a morning shift on Thursday and the 12:00 lunch hour Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Check out our new hours:
Monday: 9AM-1PM and 3PM - 6PM
Tuesday: 4PM - 7PM
Wednesday: 9AM-1PM and 3PM - 6PM
Thursday: 9AM - 1PM and 4PM - 7PM
Friday - Sunday: Closed and by appointment only. 

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World Events of 2010

Things Good and Bad to Help Us Remember 2010.
An abridged list from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010.

1/12/10 - a 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurs in Haiti, devastating the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince. With a confirmed death toll over 230,000, it is one of the deadliest on record.

1/15/10 - The longest annular solar eclipse of the 3rd millennium occurs.

2/12-28/10 - The 2010 Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada.

2/27/10 - An 8.8-magnitutde earthquake occurs in Chile, triggering a tsunami over the Pacific and kiling 497. The earthquake is one of the largest in recorded history.

3/23/10 - The ROKS Cheonan, a South Korean Navy ship carrying 104 personnel, sinks off the country's west coast, killing 46. In May, an independent investigation blames North Korea, which denies the allegations.

4/10/10 - The president of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, is among 96 killed when their airplane crashes in western Russia.

4/13/10 - a 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurs in Qinghai, China, killing at least 2000 and injuring more than 10,000.

4/14/10 - Volcanic ash from one of several eruption beneath Eyjafjallajokull, an ice cap in Iceland, begins to disrupt air traffic across northern and western Europe.

4/20/10 - The Deepwater Horizon oil platform explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven workers. The resulting oil spill, one of the largest in history, spreads for several months, damaging the waters and the United States coastline, and prompting international debate and doubt about the practice and procedures of offshore drilling.

5/2/10 - The Eurozone and the International Monetary Fund agree to a 110 Billion Euro bailout package for Greece. The package involves sharp Greek austerity measures.

5/4/10 - "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" by Pablo Picasso sells in New York for $106.5 USD, setting a new world record for a work of art sold at auction.

5/20/10 - Five paintings worth 100 Million Euros are stolen from the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

5/30/10 - Nine activists are killed in a clash with soldiers when Israeli Navy forces raid and capture a flotilla of ships attempting to break the Gaza Blockade.

6/11-7/11/10 - The 2010 FIFA World Cup is held in South Africa and is won by Spain.

7/8/10 - The first 24-hour flight by a solar-powered plane is completed by the Solar Impulse.

7/25/10 - WikiLeaks, an online publisher of anonymous, covert and classified material, leaks to the public over 90,000 internal reports about the United States-led involvement in the War of Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010.

8/10/10 - The WHO declares the H1N1 influenza pandemic over, saying worldwide flu activity has returned to typical seasonal patterns.

9/28/10 - Seven people are reported to have been killed and around 100 are missing after a landslide in Oaxaca, Mexico.

10/13/10 - Thirty-three miners near Copiapo, Chile, trapped 700 meters underground in a mining accident in San Jose Mine, are brought back to the surface after surviving for a record 69 days.

10/22/10 - The International Space Station surpasses the record for the longest continuous human occupation of space, having been continually inhabited since November 2, 2000 (3641 days)

11/17/10 - CERN researchers trap 38 antihydrogen atoms for a sixth of a second, making the first time in history that humans have trapped antimater.

11/28/10 - WikiLeaks releases a collection of more than 250,000 American diplomatic cables, including 100,000 marked "secret" or "confidential".

11/29/10 - The EU agrees to an 85 billion Euro rescue deal for Ireland from the European Financial Stability Facility, the International Monetary Fund and bilateral loans from the United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden.

12/21/10 - The first total lunar eclipse to occur on the day of the northern winter solstice/southern summer solstice since 1638, takes place.

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Wellness & Massage Give-Away

We are happy to announce our "Wellness & Massage Give-Away"!  We're giving away a basket full of goodies worth over $150!  In this basket, there is a 60-Minute Massage Voucher, an Orthopedic Pillow, A 30-Minute Detox Voucher, BioFreeze Gel and some other goodies!

To win, all you need to do is enter your name into our drawing basket.  You don't have to be a patient and you don't have to have an appointment scheduled; we just have to be open!  If you send a qualified referral, we will enter your name six times for you!  Contest begins on Monday, January 10, 2011 and ends Thursday, February 10, 2011 -- just in time for Valentine's Day! 

No need to be present to enter.  Open to US residents 18 years or older.  Winners cannot have a delinquent balance in our office.  Other rules apply - see office for details.

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Health Education Center

Our new and updated Health and Education Center is ready and has already helped dozens of patients and non-patients answer their health questions.  The interface is designed to answer a lot of your health care questions for things that Chiropractic can help with.  Now, we don't have an information sheet on every symptom, disease or condition that can be improved or cured by Chiropractic, however, we have a very good start!  For more information and to get started, check out our 95+ information sheets today!  Just go to our website at www.ShilohChiro.com, scroll down and click on the button to the right that says "Educational".  If you have a condition you want more information about, please let one of us know so that we can include that in our next update!  Also, I want to acknowledge and thank the American Chiropractic Association for their help in organizing many of these information sheets!

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Car Accidents and Whiplash

January's Condition of the Month is "Whiplash", a result of January holding the title for the most accident-prone months as experienced in our office.  The following considerations are to help you avoid and/or limit injury of motor vehicle accidents.  The following is abridged and is neither legal advice nor is it complete.

What to do to avoid an accident
Make sure you always drive defensively.  Make sure your mirrors are positioned correctly so that you can see all around you.  If blind spots are a bit of a problem then consider looking into mirror accessories that increase your viewing area.  Make sure to focus on what is going on - the speed of traffic in front of you and behind you.  Know that your brake isn't the only way to avoid an accident, sometimes you actually can avoid an accident using your accelerator (for instance, if you're stopped and the person behind you looks like they're not going to stop, you may be able to avoid an accident by quickly getting into the shoulder).

How to limit injury in the case of an accident
Always travel with an emergency kit.  I like mine because it has the motorist assistant pack (jump cables, blankets, hazard lights, etc.) and a first aid kit (gloves, bandages, antiseptics, etc.). 

Make sure your headrest goes up so that your entire head is protected.  In a rear-end collision, your spine "stretches" and can stretch over the headrest which will complicate your injuries. 

Always wear your seatbelt and ensure that you are driving a car with safety as its primary factor.  Airbags, side airbags and anti-roll technologies save lives.

Have breakout tools handy (check state and local ordinance to ensure they don't qualify as weapons).  Sometimes seatbelts jam or you will need to break a window to exit your car.  There are tools that combine a heavy point you can jab at an intact window to shatter it AND a safety knife to cut away restraints like jammed safety belts.

What to do in the case of an accident
First and foremost assess yourself and others for emergency situations and call 911 to report the accident (regardless of the evident damage done or whether or not there is an emergency).  Make sure to get yourself and assist others to safety when you can.  Never move a person who looks like they're severely injured unless they're in greater danger where they are (i.e.: burning car).  Always be mindful of traffic - don't put yourself in greater danger by getting into traffic.  Consider going to the hospital if you show signs of severe injury. 

Whether you go to an ER or not, make sure to check in with your Chiropractor just as soon as you can.  Before you can get in to see your Chiropractor, make sure to put ice on anything that aches (unless contraindicated).  Document everything with your subjective complaint.  Where does it hurt?  When did it start hurting (sometimes you feel fine right after the accident but then later that night you'll feel pain or the next morning when you wake up).  How is your range of motion?  Any dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, change to your senses (i.e. taste, sound, sight).  Can you perform all duties of your activities of daily living (cleaning, dressing, driving, walking, etc.)  When you come in to see your Chiropractor, make sure to be able to answer those questions and more.  Also, if you have any police report (request one from the police), bring that and your car insurance information with you.  If you weren't the "at fault party" make sure to have insurance and contact information from the "at fault party".  Some people who are "at fault" will avoid going to see the doctor for fear of hurting their insurance risk scores, however, all accident victims (at fault or otherwise) should get an evaluation to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong as a result of the accident.  In most cases we see, our patients have a zero out-of-pocket expense, regardless of fault.  That is because their insurance has a Medical Pay, or MedPay (?) plan.  If you have been in an accident within 2 years and you still have injury resulting from that accident, you may be entitled to care with no out-of-pocket expense.  Call to learn more at 618-234-8300.  If you are driving uninsured, remedy that quickly because in the case of an accident (regardless of fault) you may not be able to get the care you need or you will be faced with the bills incurred.

Print out this handy documentation (Personal MVA) form and keep it with you.  It will help you organize the details about your car accident case.

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Getting the Right Balance

Compared to 25 years ago, the typical family puts in 1,000 more hours a year at work and more than 8 million of us work two or more jobs. So it’s no wonder that finding a balance between work and life is precarious.

But balance is essential to our well-being and our ability to perform well at home and at work. Here are five ways to get a better footing:

Simplify. Need help with housecleaning? Consider hiring a cleaning person once a week. Feel like you don’t have time? Say “no” to things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Don’t make commitments unless they’re important to you.

Be grateful. Even in the midst of the most hectic and stressful times of life, there are things for which we can be thankful. Reflecting on the good things in our lives helps keep an all-important balance in our outlook.

Be a kid and play. Get down in the dirt and help the kids make mud pies, watch a movie with them, have a long chat over coffee with your teen. Give your family one-on-one time.

Pay attention to yourself. If you don’t stay healthy, you’ll be less able to handle the stress of work and home.

Stop procrastinating. It takes more energy fretting over not doing a project than actually doing it. So save your energy for better things and just get started.

—adapted from Parentsplace.com Web site

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Supplements and Vitamins

We have a wide-array of supplements and vitamins to help you keep healthy.  Let's talk about some of the more common ones that we stock and why we have them here for you!

Vitamin D (D3 as Cholecalciferol)
We derive virtually no vitamin D from the modern diet and we are supposed to get vitamin D from the sun. Sunscreen with an SPF of 8 reduces vitamin D production by 95%. Subsequently, most Americans are chronically deficient in Vitamin D, which promotes chronic inflammation that is associated with numerous chronic disease expression. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain as well as numerous other diseases which include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. The addition of vitamin K to vitamin D3 is designed to support cardiovascular health.

Omega 3
DHA/EPA (Omega 3’s) supplementation addresses the wide-spread deficiency of omega-3s in our diet. Omega-3 deficiency causes an imbalance in our Omega-6 : Omega-3 ratio. Adequate omega-3 intake helps to balance inflammatory activity and promote health.

Magnesium is needed as it is chronically deficient in the modern diet. Deficiency in Mg is to blame for chronic inflammatory states. Deficiency can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and headaches.

This contains beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics) Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. This can reduce intestinal inflammation and prevent harmful bacteria from damaging the digestive system. Reduces bloating and pain caused by Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate
A staggering amount of research indicates that supplementation with Glucosamine / Chondroitin improves joint health. They’re the building blocks of joints and connective tissue and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Some research indicates that Glucosamine Chondroitin may prevent osteoarthritis.

Pro-Enz Systemic Enzyme Blend
Contains extracts of ginger, turmeric, boswellia, rosemary, lemon bioflavonoids and the enzyme bromelain. Research has demonstrated that each helps to reduce chronic inflammation, which helps to promote health and reduce chronic disease expression.

Multivitamin (now with and without Iron)
The modern diet is known to be deficient in numerous micronutrients. Supplementation with a good multivitamin / mineral formula can help address these deficiencies. Loss of micronutrient intake may accelerate the aging process and promote disease of aging and other chronic diseases. Many authorities declare it to be wise for prevention to use a multivitamin. Iron supplementation should only be used by those with a deficiency in iron.

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Calendar of Events

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The meaning of Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine was a Roman who was killed for his faith on February 14, 269 A.D. He had refused to worship pagan gods, and some stories say he was a priest who would marry young couples in secret who loved each other but who did not have parental permission. In 496, his 'saint day' was established. He is associated with love because he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, and would pass notes to her. His final note, before he was executed, read 'from your Valentine'.

In Italy, with its romantic and religious roots, St Valentine's Day became the traditional day to be engaged. Young Romans would spend this day gathered together in gardens to listen to romantic poetry and music.

As with many holidays, the celebration of St. Valentine's Day became a mixture of the new Christian rites as well as the older pagan rites of that same time of year. St. Valentine's Day happened to fall on the Roman festival of Lupercalia. This festival was held each February to protect the villages from wolves, who would at this point be starving and cold and begin to make their village raids.

During the festival of Lupercalia, young men would playfully whip women with stripes of animal hide, chasing them around town. It was felt that this festival made the women who were 'whipped' more fertile. The young men would sometimes draw the names of girls from a jar, to choose their partner for the day for any singing and dancing.

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Going Green in 2011...

In 2011, we will be sending much fewer paper through the postal service and instead we are going to be sending those announcements via email.  That includes our Birthday credits and our Holiday Coupons.  Make sure to call our office to update your contact info - or go to ShilohChiro.com/u to update!

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Apple Give-Away Winners:

We have never had so many entries to our Apple Give-Away drawing before!  Congratulations to:

Deana S: iPod Nano

Ashley B: Apple TV

Megan S: iPod Shuffle

We hope your prize brightened your Holiday Season!

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A Healthy Resolution

Each year the most popular resolution is Weight Loss.  It's not surprising; after all we do gain the most weight during the Holidays and winter.  Now is the best time to start a good diet to enjoy spring and summer results.

In our office, we offer the Ideal Protein Method of Weight Loss - a diet that offers results of 3-7 pounds of weight loss per week.

To learn more about this diet, come to our informational class on Wednesday the 2nd of February 2011 at 6:00 PM at our office. 

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Why I am a Doctor of

Because I honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy.

Because I desire to help the newborn, the aged, and those without hope.

Because I choose to care for the patient with the disease, not the disease.

Because I wish to assist rather than intrude, to free rather than control.

Because I seek to correct the cause, not its effect.

Because I know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself.

Because I have been called to serve others.

Because I want to make a difference.

Because everyday I get to witness miracles.

I know it is right.

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We Treat Kids!

Did you know that Chiropractic is for children, infants, teenagers and even newborns too?  It is! 

In fact, here at Shiloh Chiropractic, we treat from "Womb to Tomb".

Remember what it was like to be a kid...care-free and pain-free? What if you can offer the same for your kids except that it isn't a temporary thing? You can; with a properly-functioning nervous system and spine, your kids can enjoy a life-time of great health and awesome happiness.

Talk to us today and schedule your kids for an evaluation. After all, if it's good enough for you when you're not well, imagine the potential we can offer your kids who are well!

For a list of symptoms and conditions that we can help with, just go to the website and click "Educational" button.

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