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  1. Miracle Year of Wellness
  2. 2010 Year Deductibles
  3. New In 2010
  4. ABC's of 2009
  5. iPod Touch Give-Away
  6. Debt Relief
  7. Health Education Center New & Free
  8. Leg Pain & Hip Pain & Sciatica, Oh My!
  9. Getting the Right Balance
  10. Supplements and Vitamins

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A Miracle Year of Wellness...

What’s better than a single miracle? How about a full year of them!

Shiloh Chiropractic
is proud to be celebrating A Miracle Year for Wellness! We feel that we have a duty to reach out and help the community in many ways. Our first priority and greatest ability is to provide our community with natural heath care and wellness through chiropractic care. We believe the best thing that could help the heath and health care costs of our community is for everyone to be receiving the benefits of chiropractic. But we are not stopping there...

As a part of the Miracle Year For Wellness celebration, we are currently raising donations for ST. JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL. In return for your donation we will donate our services so that you (or your loved ones) will receive a case history, examination and x-rays (if necessary). A report of findings is now also included. As you can see, we are serious about making this “A Miracle Year For Wellness!”

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2010 Year Deductibles

The new year is upon us.  I am not sure how it happened so quickly but it's here.  Most people's insurance companies reset their deductibles and renegotiate rates at the beginning of the year.  We recommend checking to see what changes apply to you.  Of course, all of our patients are welcome to request our help in this matter!  We check all insurance benefits for free*.

Also, most patients like to get their deductibles out of the way early on in the year so that they can enjoy their health care at lower costs.  Getting your deductibles out of the way early on in the year ensures that you get the most out of your insurance benefits.

Make sure to schedule your appointments including check-ups.  Please stop by the office if you have any questions!


Suzanne Murley, CA
Office Manager

* Though coordination of benefits is the responsibility of the patient, we do check benefits and eligibility in our office at no cost.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of what the insurance company tells us.  From time to time, we are misquoted and this is unavoidable.  The best way to avoid misinterpreted benefits is for both you and our office to check and make sure we get the same information!

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New in 2010

We have made some changes to better accommodate our growing office and our awesome patients!  Those changes are outlined below.

1. Miracle Year of Wellness.  We are bound and determined to make 2010 a healthier year (and decade) than those of the past.  In doing so, we are going to ask your help in bringing new patients into our office.  But it wouldn't be fair to ask your help without making it easier to refer so we have done just that!

The new normal fee for New Patient Visits is $20 (normally $170-250).  Further - that money is going to be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Our website will have more information to come soon so check back in a few weeks for more information. (more...)

2. Referral Benefits:  For each new patient you schedule in our office, we are offering your - our referral source - a no cost 30-minute Detox!  If, for some reason, you can't have a detox (contraindication), we are allowing you to gift that to someone else who is able to have it!  Also, keep an eye out on our contests such as our Nintendo® Wii™ Give-Away and our iPod Touch Give-Away.

3. No Call No Show Policy Update:  In the past, we have charged $25 if you miss an appointment without 24 hours notice.  We are raising that fee to $50.  This is extremely easy to avoid - just call us within 24 hours of your appointment.  If you don't have 24 hours notice due to an unavoidable circumstance, we will try to work with you as long as it is not repetitive.  This policy is not an opportunity for us to make money, it's an attempt to ensure that our time slots are well utilized and available for our patients.

4. New Hours: You asked and we obliged!  We are now open the following hours which include later Tuesday and Thursday hours for your convenience:
 M, W, F: 9am - 6pm (closed 12-2pm for lunch)
 Tu, Th: 4-7pm
 Sa, Su: closed; by appointment only

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2009 Recap for Shiloh Chiropractic

2009 is gone for good, but in thinking back on the events of 2009, it's hard not to feel nostalgic.

Let's recap some of those things now!

3/Jan: Suzanne relaxes with honey Sean in Mexico to celebrate their TENTH ANNIVERSARY!

22/Feb: Dorothy (Practice Representative) celebrates the big 6-0!

28/Feb: Dr. Rice's niece - Gabby - turns one

Mar: Shiloh Chiropractic welcomes Amanda to it's team

19/Apr: Dr. Rice's Nephew - Charlie - is born

28/Apr: Shiloh Chiropractic hosts Business After Hours with the O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce

9/May: Shiloh Chiropractic raises approximately $1,500 to the BackStoppers Organization.

15/May: Dr. Rice closes on the deal that will double the space for the office.

24/May: Construction to expand Shiloh Chiropractic begins

6/Jun: Dr. Rice celebrates his 10-year reunion with his classmates of New Haven High School Class of 1999.

17/Jun: Shiloh Chiropractic hosts a Patient Appreciation Day; raises over 700 canned goods for the O'Fallon Food Pantry; adjusts 89 patients!

31/Jul: Dr. Rice is guest speaker at O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce Business over Breakfast; speaks about wellness

15/Aug: Dr. Rice and Nicole celebrate their one-year anniversary

1/Sept: Dr. Rice speaks to CALC students about getting a job in a downed economy.

11/Sept: Shiloh Chiropractic welcomes Keri and Lauri to it's team

21/Sept: Shiloh Chiropractic hosts a blood draw

30/Oct: Shiloh Chiropractic hosts a Monster Mash Scare-abration

3/Nov: Dr. Rice proposes to Niki.  Niki says yes :)

24/Nov: Shiloh Chiropractic delivers a huge Thanksgiving Feast to a family of six in Shiloh who are in need thanks to the (nearly) $700 that it's patients helped to raise!

10/Dec: Shiloh Chiropractic hosts it's first Ladies' Night out with lots of success!

21/Dec: Shiloh Chiropractic delivers an van-full of Christmas Gifts and house-hold essentials for two families (a total of five kids and two moms) thanks to the donations from our patients!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Now...for a more celebrity-entertaining version of 2009 Recap...

ABC's of 2009

Ashton Kutcher draws more than 3 million followers on Twitter by July.

Billy Mays, famous commercial demonstrator, dies at age 50, and an autopsy reports cocaine use as a factor.

Carrie Prejean, Miss California, creates controversy over same-sex marriage statements then later has embarrassing recordings of her own indiscretion. 

Destiny Hope Cyrus, Aka Hannah Montanna, changes her name officially to Miley Ray Cyrus and releases number one hit, "Party in the USA".

Elle Sanborn becomes a freelance writer for Associated Content. (O.K. so I haven't reached celebrity status YET... but there is time.... ). See my other articles by clicking on my name above.

Farrah Fawcett's cancer struggle ends in tragic death at 62 years of age bringing National Awareness.

Gidget, aka "Bruiser," Reese Witherspoons co-star dog in Legally Blonde, and former Taco Bell dog dies from a stroke at age 15, a long life for a pooch. Note: According to the American Kennel Club, a Chihuahua's life expectancy is about 14 to 18 years, so Bruiser had a decent life.

Hannah Montana is really Miley Cyrus, is really Destiny Hope Cyrus, etc.... Again, who is she really?

ICarly.com trademark copyrighted by Viacom International.

Johnny Depp earns People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" for the second time.

Kate and Jon Gosselin, of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight", decide to get divorced.

Lada Gaga is nominated for nine MTV Music Awards for Pokerface and Paparazzi.

Michael Jackson, "king of pop" is buried after he dies from overdose under doctor care then movie This is it releases unseen footage he was working on when his death occurred.

Nadya Suleman, better known as "Octomom" gives birth to 8 babies and launches reality tv show. (Maybe this is what started the Jon and Kate fight, not likely, but funny thought).

Oprah Winfrey announces her retirement of her talk show and starts her OWN network, the Oprah Winfrey Network scheduled to replace the Discovery Health Channel in January of 2011.

Patrick Swayze, famous for role in "Ghost", "Roadhouse", "Outsiders", and other notorious box office hits, dies of pancreatic Cancer at age 57. Staying married to his wife Lisa for 34 years was an incredible task in the Hollywood scene that sees couples in and out of relationships that don't last.

Randy Quaid & wife Evi are arrested in Texas for skipping out on a hotel bill of ten thousand dollars.

Rhianna was brutally beaten by boyfriend Chris Brown.

Shaniya Davis, although not a celebrity has been in the national media due to Nancy Grace coverage. The 5 year old was a victim of her own mother who allegedly sold her into prostitution for possible drug payment that was due.

Twilight sequel "New Moon" boasts box office brag of $140 million, just under Dark Knight ($158 million) and Spiderman ($151 million), which still holds the record.

Usher releases "Here I Stand" album and announces release of "Raymond Vs. Raymond" album scheduled for release on December 8, 2009.

Vince Vaughn has bragging rights for dating Jennifer Anniston.

Will Smith internet hoax claims he was in a fatal car accident and died, but proves to be false.

X-files former actor, David Duchovny exposed for attending Sex Rehab.

Yasmine Bleeth, Baywatch Beauty, was number 2 most searched on Yahoo in May of 2009, but hasn't had much publicity since her cocaine arrest in September of 2001.

Jay-Z cancels remaining portion of his concert tour and rumors evolve from a statement he makes about him and Beyonce planning to procreate.

--Adapted from AssociatedContent.com

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iPod Touch Give-Away

Want a new iPod Touch?  Who doesn't?!  For the months of January and February 2010, you will receive an entry for our iPod Touch Give-Away for each new patient you refer to our office*.  The winner will be selected on 28/Feb/10 at the close of the day.  All entries count, and the more you have, the better chance you will have to browsing songs, games and awesome applications on the world's most technologically-advanced multimedia player!  Call our office for more details!

* In order for your referral to be valid, your referral must attend both their Consultation and their Report of Findings visits.

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Debt Relief

It goes without saying that every year, around and after the Holidays, people start stressing over debt.  Holiday parties, gifts for the kids, taxes, heating bills, the list continues and so does the majority of American's debts.

It is because of the ubiquitous mounting debt that we start seeing a lot of "Debt Relief" advertisements in the media. 

"Consolidate your debt"...

"Learn what the Credit Card Companies don't want you to know"...

"Stop bill collectors in their tracks"...

"Lower or even eliminate your interest"...

These are things that we start to hear.  And I have to admit, they do sound tempting.  But - I remember my second grade teacher (Mrs. Pennell) whose voice of logic and reason still today echoes in my head.  She said many great things but one thing that applies very well to Debt Relief is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

MSNBC warns about "debt relief deals" that pray on consumers.  I urge you to read this to see what they have to say!

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Health Education Center

Our new and updated Health and Education Center is ready and has already helped dozens of patients and non-patients answer their health questions.  The interface is designed to answer a lot of your health care questions for things that Chiropractic can help with.  Now, we don't have an information sheet on every symptom, disease or condition that can be improved or cured by Chiropractic, however, we have a very good start!  For more information and to get started, check out our 95+ information sheets today!  Just go to our website at www.ShilohChiro.com, scroll down and click on the button to the right that says "Educational".  If you have a condition you want more information about, please let one of us know so that we can include that in our next update!  Also, I want to acknowledge and thank the American Chiropractic Association for their help in organizing many of these information sheets!

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Leg Pain and Hip Pain and Sciatica, Oh My!

We depend upon our hips and legs throughout our daily routine - throughout life - more than most of us realize. Millions of individuals must depend upon their hips and legs for many miles of walking each day. Mail carriers; police officers; office, store, and factory employees; housewives; and students are but a few. The value of these important limbs functioning properly and pain-free is even more pronounced for such people.

And what makes these legs function? Impulses, directed from the brain via nerves!

Hip and leg problems can occur in many painful ways. The miseries of such conditions as lumbago, rheumatism, neuritis, and sciatica are infamous, indeed.

Lumbago (low back pain) and rheumatism both have their effect in the muscles. The hips and lower back (part of the hips) are particularly susceptible to these alignments. Irritation to the nerves which carry vital nerve impulse to the hips and legs is the main cause of neuritis. Sciatica is a condition affecting the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, which controls movement as well as the sensory functions of the hips and legs. Sciatica is an excruciatingly painful condition.

It should come as no surprise that pain so often strikes in the hip and leg areas when you consider the myriad of tasks that these body parts are called upon to perform. Lifting, pulling, pushing, straining, accidents, etc., can cause injury to nerves resulting in pain in the hips and legs.

Most of us have experienced some degree of hip and leg discomfort due to being forced to sit in a cramped position for a prolonged period of time, perhaps during a long auto or bus trip. This discomfort - if not outright pain - is usually short-lived. But can you imagine having to endure this - or worse - as a constant pain? Many thousands of people do, usually as a result of one or more of the above mentioned situations.

A fast pace and working long hours - even mental exhaustion - can result in spinal stress which may irritate nerves. This can produce an almost unbearable pain in the hips, thighs, and lower legs. And severe irritation due to misaligned vertebrae and discs may even cause paralysis.
No wonder thousands of people take tons of dangerous pain-killing drugs each year!

Chiropractors are concerned with the effects of spinal misalignment on the nerves that carry health-giving energy to every cell of the body. If vertebrae and the discs between them are misaligned, they can pinch and irritate the nerves that branch out from the spinal structures; which can then cause radiating pain to hip and leg.

In specific problems with hips and legs, the nerve pressure is often found in the lower back.  Dr. Rice has had specialized training and over 6 years of practical experience in treating these conditions.

Dr. Rice has had years of specialized college training plus valuable practical experience. A thorough knowledge of the spinal column and the body's nervous system enables him to examine and locate the exact point of nerve impingement. Proper adjustments can relieve the nerve pressure and return the normal flow of nerve energy to the affected areas. Thus nature's wondrous healing process can begin and blessed relief from hip and leg pain follows.

If you suffer from lumbago (low back pain), rheumatism, neuritis, sciatica, or any other hip or leg problems, ask Dr. Rice to examine your spine and nervous system. If indicated, he will provide spinal adjustments which can restore vital nerve impulse to those affected parts. Once the nerve interference has been removed and the normal flow of nerve energy has been restored, nature can go to work and promote healing from within.

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Getting the Right Balance

Compared to 25 years ago, the typical family puts in 1,000 more hours a year at work and more than 8 million of us work two or more jobs. So it’s no wonder that finding a balance between work and life is precarious.

But balance is essential to our well-being and our ability to perform well at home and at work. Here are five ways to get a better footing:

Simplify. Need help with housecleaning? Consider hiring a cleaning person once a week. Feel like you don’t have time? Say “no” to things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Don’t make commitments unless they’re important to you.

Be grateful. Even in the midst of the most hectic and stressful times of life, there are things for which we can be thankful. Reflecting on the good things in our lives helps keep an all-important balance in our outlook.

Be a kid and play. Get down in the dirt and help the kids make mud pies, watch a movie with them, have a long chat over coffee with your teen. Give your family one-on-one time.

Pay attention to yourself. If you don’t stay healthy, you’ll be less able to handle the stress of work and home.

Stop procrastinating. It takes more energy fretting over not doing a project than actually doing it. So save your energy for better things and just get started.

—adapted from Parentsplace.com Web site

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Supplements and Vitamins

We have a wide-array of supplements and vitamins to help you keep healthy.  Let's talk about some of the more common ones that we stock and why we have them here for you!

Vitamin D (D3 as Cholecalciferol)
We derive virtually no vitamin D from the modern diet and we are supposed to get vitamin D from the sun. Sunscreen with an SPF of 8 reduces vitamin D production by 95%. Subsequently, most Americans are chronically deficient in Vitamin D, which promotes chronic inflammation that is associated with numerous chronic disease expression. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain as well as numerous other diseases which include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. The addition of vitamin K to vitamin D3 is designed to support cardiovascular health.

Omega 3
DHA/EPA (Omega 3’s) supplementation addresses the wide-spread deficiency of omega-3s in our diet. Omega-3 deficiency causes an imbalance in our Omega-6 : Omega-3 ratio. Adequate omega-3 intake helps to balance inflammatory activity and promote health.

Magnesium is needed as it is chronically deficient in the modern diet. Deficiency in Mg is to blame for chronic inflammatory states. Deficiency can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and headaches.

This contains beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics) Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. This can reduce intestinal inflammation and prevent harmful bacteria from damaging the digestive system. Reduces bloating and pain caused by Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate
A staggering amount of research indicates that supplementation with Glucosamine / Chondroitin improves joint health. They’re the building blocks of joints and connective tissue and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Some research indicates that Glucosamine Chondroitin may prevent osteoarthritis.

Pro-Enz Systemic Enzyme Blend
Contains extracts of ginger, turmeric, boswellia, rosemary, lemon bioflavonoids and the enzyme bromelain. Research has demonstrated that each helps to reduce chronic inflammation, which helps to promote health and reduce chronic disease expression.

Multivitamin (now with and without Iron)
The modern diet is known to be deficient in numerous micronutrients. Supplementation with a good multivitamin / mineral formula can help address these deficiencies. Loss of micronutrient intake may accelerate the aging process and promote disease of aging and other chronic diseases. Many authorities declare it to be wise for prevention to use a multivitamin. Iron supplementation should only be used by those with a deficiency in iron.

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Calendar of Events

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Five-Star Awardees' Luncheon at 12PM at Outlaw Blues

Wellness Orientation at 6PM at Shiloh Chiropractic

Office Closing at 12:00 Noon for Continuing Education

Continuing Education Classes

Office is closed.  Dr. Rice and Staff at Bridal Show at the Regency in O'Fallon

Shiloh Chiropractic at "Home Builders' Show" at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.  Altered Schedule will be posted in office.

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The meaning of Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine was a Roman who was killed for his faith on February 14, 269 A.D. He had refused to worship pagan gods, and some stories say he was a priest who would marry young couples in secret who loved each other but who did not have parental permission. In 496, his 'saint day' was established. He is associated with love because he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, and would pass notes to her. His final note, before he was executed, read 'from your Valentine'.

In Italy, with its romantic and religious roots, St Valentine's Day became the traditional day to be engaged. Young Romans would spend this day gathered together in gardens to listen to romantic poetry and music.

As with many holidays, the celebration of St. Valentine's Day became a mixture of the new Christian rites as well as the older pagan rites of that same time of year. St. Valentine's Day happened to fall on the Roman festival of Lupercalia. This festival was held each February to protect the villages from wolves, who would at this point be starving and cold and begin to make their village raids.

During the festival of Lupercalia, young men would playfully whip women with stripes of animal hide, chasing them around town. It was felt that this festival made the women who were 'whipped' more fertile. The young men would sometimes draw the names of girls from a jar, to choose their partner for the day for any singing and dancing.

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Going Green in 2010...

Go Green in 2010 by recycling your old small electronics for FREE!  The Computer Room, located in the Shiloh Dierbergs/Target complex is a local drop-off location for FREE small electronics recycling.  Old laptops, computers, telephones, answering machines, DVD Players and even old monitors.  Sorry...no TV's or appliances.  You can drop cables off too.  No appointment is necessary.

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Wii™ Give-Away Winner:

The winner of our Christmas "Wii™ Love Our Patients" Nintendo® Wii™ Give-A-Way is Mark R. (and his family)!  Mark referred his friends and family and was able to put in six entries for the contest.  We want to thank EVERYONE who participated!  Keep looking out for our 2010 Referral Contests and Give-Aways! 

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Resolve to Exercise

If you really want to stick to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, resolve to make exercise a routine part of your life. Studies have shown that people who diet and exercise shed pounds more quickly than those who just diet or just exercise. But the study also found that over the long haul, people who only exercise actually do better at keeping their weight under control. (Researchers believe diets are often too difficult to sustain, so dieters often regain the pounds they lost initially. Exercisers, on the other hand, drop pounds slowly and keep those pounds off.)

Here are some tips on efficient exercise:

 Aerobic exercise is best for burning calories. While the recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days helps lower the risk of heart and other diseases, you’ll have to push a little harder if you want to lose weight. Experts recommend at least 45 minutes of walking a day, done at once or spread out throughout the day.

Exercise harder. If you simply can’t devote 45 minutes a day, seven days a week to exercise, increase your intensity when you do exercise. People who exercise harder—between 75 and 85 percent of their maximum heart rate—for 20 minutes can burn as many calories as a person walking for 45 minutes. Better yet, carbs and fat are used up at higher rates during the hours following a high-intensity workout.

Lift weights. Resistance training builds bone density, which guards against osteoporosis and builds muscle. You don’t have to follow the old three-sets-per-machine formula. Studies consistently show that you can do one set of weight training as long as you progressively lift heavier weights.

—adapted from Health magazine

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Why I am a Doctor of

Because I honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy.

Because I desire to help the newborn, the aged, and those without hope.

Because I choose to care for the patient with the disease, not the disease.

Because I wish to assist rather than intrude, to free rather than control.

Because I seek to correct the cause, not its effect.

Because I know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself.

Because I have been called to serve others.

Because I want to make a difference.

Because everyday I get to witness miracles.

I know it is right.

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We Treat Kids!

Did you know that Chiropractic is for children, infants, teenagers and even newborns too?  It is! 

In fact, here at Shiloh Chiropractic, we treat from "Womb to Tomb".

Remember what it was like to be a kid...care-free and pain-free? What if you can offer the same for your kids except that it isn't a temporary thing? You can; with a properly-functioning nervous system and spine, your kids can enjoy a life-time of great health and awesome happiness.

Talk to us today and schedule your kids for an evaluation. After all, if it's good enough for you when you're not well, imagine the potential we can offer your kids who are well!

For a list of symptoms and conditions that we can help with, just go to the website and click "Educational" button.

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We have had a staggering amount of patients requesting that we start to offer chiropractic to small animals (cats and dogs primarily).  What about you?  Is this something you would be interested in? Let one of us know and we will consider offering Animal Chiropractic in 2010!

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Why to Lose Weight for 2010

In short, for 2010 you should make it a goal to lose weight if your BMI is greater than 25*.  Extensive research shows that people with a BMI of 23 have the longest lifespan, the least amount of chronic pain, less headaches, diabetes, heart conditions, breathing-related issues, infertility, immune system problems etc.  To calculate your BMI, just take your weight and multiply it by 703.  Then divide your height in inches twice.  IE: if you weigh 150 lbs and are 5'7'', just multiply 150 by 703 (you get 105450) now divide by 67 (you get 1573.9).  Finally, divide by 67 again to get your BMI of 23.5. By simply bringing your weight down to a healthy number, you can extend your life expectancy and improve your quality of life tremendously.  If you need help coming up with a strategy for weight loss, please call the office to come up with a game plan!

* The measurement of BMI isn't always the most accurate.  If, for example, you have a large amount of muscle, your BMI is going to be higher than ideal simply because muscle weighs more than fat.  Usually body builders use BMI paired with fat indexes or use another method all together.  If you have questions, feel free to ask!

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